Dr. Wood Coaching Program

Seminar 1 Prep

You'll be immersed in the most comprehensive Gonstead training program, complete with the tools and support necessary to master the Gonstead system.

Seminar 2 Prep

Cervical Chair is one of the hardest technique for the most of people. But don't worry, we are here to help you. Dr. Wood introduces the fundamentals of the cervical chair, so make sure to practice with your colleagues after watching videos and be prepared yourself for the masterclass. We are going to evaluate your skills and go over more details about listings and set ups.

Seminar 3 Prep

Lessons Covered: Lower Back Pain, Lower Extremity Pain & Hyper/Hypolordosis, Headaches, Neck Pain and Upper Extremity Pain, Sympathetic/Parasympathetic, Sacroiliac Subluxations and Characteristics, Lumbosacral Subluxations, Conditions of Lumbosacral Joint and Knee Chest Table Basics

Gonstead Fundamentals Book

Gonstead fundamentals by Dr. Herb Wood

Case Management Book

Case management by Dr. Herb Wood

Knee Chest & Extremities

Knee chest technique and extremities by Dr. Herb Wood

Cervical Series Webinar

In this webinar, we'll be going over: Working on Torticollis Cases, How to manage different types of Headaches & Migraines, Live Technique Demonstrations for acute presentations in seated and prone positions and What to look for when analyzing X-rays

Facebook Group

Join the private VIP Facebook Group for 2022 Cohort 2. Here is where you can access additional help and feedback from your peers and Dr. Wood!

Seminar 1 Recordings

Password: Gonstead1!

Seminar 2 Recordings

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Seminar 3 Recordings

Password: Gonstead1!

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