Chapter 1: Introduction

Grading Guidelines

Welcome to your first learning session!

We are glad to have you onboard in sharing our mission to raise the standard of learning, teaching, and practicing the Gonstead method. As part of producing the best Gonstead chiropractors, we will be monitoring your progress throughout the program. There will be some required checkpoints which come in the form of written tests, 5 step analysis on your colleagues and video submissions to be reviewed and graded by Dr. Wood. 

We have a passing grade of 75% which will not be hard to attain for as long as you take your time to understand and learn from the modules. There is also additional value in being present for the coaching calls 2x a month, where you can ask Dr. Wood anything. And last but not least, by attending the coaching calls where you can focus on apply all you’ve learned in the modules to accelerate your learning and comprehension of the Gonstead analysis. 

Each seminar will have module review sessions with a written test each comprising 15%. Coaching calls will give you 5% for your attendance. And the final exam is a total of 50% divided into two components. The first is conducting the 5-part analysis of the Gonstead Method on a patient. And the second is a series of videos to be submitted, where you’ll be physically finding the subluxation and videoing the correction on the cervical chair, pelvic bench, and knee chest. 

See the breakdown below:

Module 1 Review - 15%

Module 2 Review - 15%

Module 3 Review - 15%

Mastermind Zoom Sessions - 5%

Final Exam:

5-part Analysis on Patient - 20%

3 Video Adjustments - 30%

Total: 100%

Rest assured that you will be supported every step of the way. And if you have any questions or concerns you can always contact Dr Wood at

We look forward to seeing you progress as a Gonstead practitioner!


Grading Guidelines.PDF

Course Instructors

Dr. Herb Wood, D.C.

Dr. Jerry Hsieh, D.C.

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Module 1

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Pelvic Bench Pull

Chapter 3: Gonstead Foundation Principle

Chapter 4: Cervical Chair T1-T4

Chapter 5: Introduction to the 5 Part Analysis

Chapter 6: Upper Cervical Chair Setup

Chapter 7: The Gonstead Listing System

Chapter 8: Upper Cervical & Thoracic X-ray Analysis

Chapter 9: Stages of Disc Degeneration

Chapter 10: Gonstead 5 Part Analysis in High Patient Volume

Chapter 11: X-ray Marking Basics

Chapter 12: Gonstead 5 Part Analysis

Chapter 13: Intro to Pelvic Bench Push

Module 2

What's Covered in Module 2

Introduction to Cervical Chair

Module 3

Module 3 Lessons

Knee Chest Table Basics