Chapter 2: Pelvic Bench Pull 

Pelvic Bench Pull

When should I use a pull vs. push move on the pelvic bench? Dr. Wood gives his clinical insight on when to use the pull vs. push move. He also teaches you how to properly set up and position yourself and the patient for a more effective correction. He demonstrates different listings like ilium, sacrum, and lumbar.

Ensure you take the necessary time to practice after watching this video, record yourself, and upload it to the VIP group page to get feedback from doctors and other colleagues to improve your skill and accelerate your learning.

Course Instructors

Dr. Herb Wood, D.C.

Dr. Jerry Hsieh, D.C.

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Module 1

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Pelvic Bench Pull

Chapter 3: Gonstead Foundation Principle

Chapter 4: Cervical Chair T1-T4

Chapter 5: Introduction to the 5 Part Analysis

Chapter 6: Upper Cervical Chair Setup

Chapter 7: The Gonstead Listing System

Chapter 8: Upper Cervical & Thoracic X-ray Analysis

Chapter 9: Stages of Disc Degeneration

Chapter 10: Gonstead 5 Part Analysis in High Patient Volume

Chapter 11: X-ray Marking Basics

Chapter 12: Gonstead 5 Part Analysis

Chapter 13: Intro to Pelvic Bench Push

Module 2

What's Covered in Module 2

Introduction to Cervical Chair

Module 3

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Knee Chest Table Basics