Introduction to Cervical Chair Part 1

Cervical Chair is one of the hardest technique for the most of people. But don't worry, we are here to help you. Dr. Wood introduces the fundamentals of the cervical chair, so make sure to practice with your colleagues after watching videos and be prepared yourself for the masterclass. We are going to evaluate your skills and go over more details about listings and set ups.

Course Instructors

Dr. Herb Wood, D.C.

Dr. Jerry Hsieh, D.C.

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Module 1

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Pelvic Bench Pull

Chapter 3: Gonstead Foundation Principle

Chapter 4: Cervical Chair T1-T4

Chapter 5: Introduction to the 5 Part Analysis

Chapter 6: Upper Cervical Chair Setup

Chapter 7: The Gonstead Listing System

Chapter 8: Upper Cervical & Thoracic X-ray Analysis

Chapter 9: Stages of Disc Degeneration

Chapter 10: Gonstead 5 Part Analysis in High Patient Volume

Chapter 11: X-ray Marking Basics

Chapter 12: Gonstead 5 Part Analysis

Chapter 13: Intro to Pelvic Bench Push

Module 2

What's Covered in Module 2

Module 2 | 2A Instrumentation

Module 2 | 2B Visualization

Module 2 | 2C Static Palpation

Module 2 | 2D Motion Palpation Part A

Module 2 | 2E Motion Palpation Part B

Module 2 | 2F Purpose of AP & Lateral X-Ray

Module 2 | 3 High Volume with Gonstead Technique

Module 2 | 4 Upper Cervical & Thoracic X-Ray Analysis

Module 2 | 5 Upper Cervical Chair Setup

Module 2 | 6 Cervical Chair T1-T4

Module 2 | 7 Pelvic Bench Pull

Introduction to Cervical Chair

Module 3

Module 3 Lessons

Lower Back Pain

Knee Chest Table Basics

Lower extremity pain & Hyper/Hypolordosis


Neck Pain and Upper Extremity Pain


Sacroiliac Subluxations and Characteristics

Lumbosacral Subluxations

Conditions of Lumbosacral Joint