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Are you struggling with trying to piece together the Gonstead technique from individual seminars with various instructors?  Are you lacking high quality mentorship? Do you find case management chaotic and contradicting, therefore lacking confidence in finding the subluxation?

Unlike individual seminars, Gonstead Revolution provides a complete and comprehensive program that will take your expertise to the next level. Gonstead is a highly complex yet effective skill set and methodology that requires holistic, consistent, and ongoing feedback to ensure mastery. Gone are the days of trying to piece together your Gonstead journey. Join the revolution and help us raise the standard of Gonstead today.

How does Gonstead Revolution Differ from Other Programs?

The Most Comprehensive Most Comprehensive and Immersive Program is Here

We have witnessed throughout the decades that the majority of Gonstead doctors are not getting the results they want from the method in their practice. This has led to questioning the principle rather than examining their application. Ultimately, this translates to lackluster results and a substandard legacy of Gonstead.

To solve for this, we created Gonstead Revolution as the most comprehensive and immersive program to help restore confidence in what we believe is the best way to practice chiropractic care:


Refine your skills by watching recorded modules at your own pace, preparing you for the upcoming Masterclasses and Masterminds. Each module builds upon the previous, accelerating your learning.


Get ongoing, live feedback, and hands-on support from our vetted Gonstead mentors. 

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Get unlimited access to our growing Gonstead community; receive clinical tips, share results, and get your questions answered.


Learn from in-person seminars and practice your skills with first-generation Gonstead practitioners like Dr. Wood.


As you work step by step through the program, you will be tested and receive accreditation for your completion of the program. As a bonus, your name will be listed in our Exclusive Provider Directory. 


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Upcoming First Masterclass:

Life West: May 6 - 8, 2022


Master Gonstead Techniques Like:

Pelvic bench push/pull moves

Adjusting the full spine on knee chest table

Difficult to master cervical chair in easy format

How to analyze full spine X-rays with ease

Static and motion palpation

Managing difficult cases


Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic Nervous Systems

free video lesson:

Gain Clarity in X-Ray Analysis

Mastering Gonstead X-Ray analysis is pivotal for clarity in addressing  patient concerns, performing accurate diagnoses, and creating a plan that will achieve lasting results. Thisvideo will show you the power of learning proper x-ray analysis. 

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Meet the Experts

Dr. Herb Wood, D.C.

Dr. Herb Wood graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1974 and studied seven years under the great Dr. Clarence Gonstead. Upon graduating, he worked with the late Dr. Larry Troxell for six years before starting his own high-volume Gonstead clinic in Davenport, IA. He has successfully trained hundreds of chiropractors in the Gonstead technique, as he too desires to see the Gonstead method to live on for years to come As a first-generation Gonstead doctor, he is one of the few to hold a Gonstead Advanced Technique Certificate that authorizes him to teach the Gonstead technique. In 2015, the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society granted him the “Educator of the Year Award.” Dr. Wood continues to share the benefits of Gonstead with the world at large and carries that passion into every interaction he has with students and patients alike.

Dr. Jerry Hsieh, D.C.

Dr. Jerry Hsieh began his career as a financial analyst on Wall Street. But after a life-changing incident that left his wife disabled for six months, they turned to Gonstead Chiropractic for help. After seeing multiple “Gonstead'' chiropractors with no results, they flew across the country to see a real practitioner of Gonstead, who helped them experience the real miracle of Gonstead care. Fast forward 15 years, and Dr. Jerry believes the standard of Gonstead is still on shaky ground. As one of the last remaining doctors who learned from Dr. Gonstead, his desire is to pass on what Dr. Gonstead taught him. His mission is to see the Gonstead Method rightfully practiced and to raise the standard so everyone can experience its life-changing results. 

He is the cofounder of the Gonstead Revolution, and owns Intero Chiropractic, which has two locations in Pleasanton, CA and Concord, CA.  He is currently authoring a book, due to be released at the end of 2022, to share the incredible power of the Gonstead technique with the world.

Still Have Questions?

Why Gonstead?

The mission of the Gonstead Revolution is to elevate and improve the standard of Gonstead Chiropractic. We want you to help more people, more effectively. Our aim is to build you up and help you refine your practice of chiropractic care; this is an art and a science which produces lasting results for its followers. The Gonstead method is complicated to understand and difficult to master, but it is powerful when carried out the way it was designed.

The Gonstead method gets its roots from the late Dr. Clarence Gonstead. He had so much success with his method they built an airstrip and a hotel onto his clinic! He performed over 4 million adjustments during his successful career and helped thousands of people live pain-free lives. We desire to continue his legacy and to help more people find freedom from their pain, but it starts with you. His scientific approach is repeatable, even in a high-volume setting, and we will show you how to do it.

What is the Course Curriculum?

Module 1:

See the value of the Gonstead system and how Dr. Gonstead changed the chiropractic industry. Understand the importance of the 5-part analysis and the basic principles of the Gonstead system. Dr. Wood will discuss how to set up for the pelvic bench push and lower cervical chair setups. Moreover, he will demonstrate how to properly do X-ray markings, and we will provide sheets to work with.

Masterclass #1: 

Practice makes perfect! This Masterclass is all about being hands-on. You'll have the opportunity to improve your skill on the pelvic bench and the cervical chair technique that students often struggle with. Dr. Wood will also expound on how to do the 5-part analysis to find the subluxation.

Module 2:

We will dive deeper into the Gonstead 5-part analysis. Dr. Wood will demonstrate how to properly do visualization, Instrumentation, and static/motion palpation to accurately find the subluxation. He will discuss upper cervical and thoracic X-ray markings and how to do setups for both the upper cervical and upper thoracics on the cervical chair.

Masterclass #2: 

You will maximize your hands-on session with Dr. Wood in this class and learn how to do the pelvic bench pull setups and upper cervical chair setup for all the different listings. Dr.Wood will also demonstrate the X-ray analysis and will have you practice on the spot to get feedback on your work to precisely find the subluxation and the listing.

Module 3:

Time to bring some of these concepts together and apply them in this module that focuses on case management. We will discuss different types of cases such as lower back pain, headaches, neck pain and upper and lower extremity pain. Dr. Wood will also demonstrate all the different knee chest setups for you to practice before the last upcoming Masterclass.

Masterclass #3: 

In this final Masterclass, we will review the different concepts that you have learned from previous classes and modules; You will apply and present this to others. We will polish your knowledge on the following topics such as cervical chair, pelvic bench push and pull, and knee chest. By this point you will be ready for the Gonstead Analysis Certification test.

Download the Full Course Agenda

You may also download the full course agenda here to see the full course curriculum. 

How is the Gonstead Revolution different from other seminars or Dr. Wood’s prior bootcamp?

Unlike seminars that throw bits and pieces at you in one weekend, we’ve designed this to be a completely immersive and supportive experience. The Gonstead Revolution includes greater support so you can grow your skills at your own pace. In our course you can learn at your own pace by stopping, pausing, and replaying videos as needed. 

During the Masterminds and Masterclasses, we encourage you to bring your questions and specific case struggles. We want our course to be as hands-on and relevant as possible, and we accomplish this through interactivity.

How does Gonstead Revolution Differ from Prior Dr. Wood Boootcamps?

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